About the Crumpets

A high school philanthropic project brought three food-phillic girls together, leading us to quickly become best friends. We journal recipes from our personal baking on this blog and also document our taste buds' adventures. We are very pleased to meet you and hope you enjoy our blog! Bon App├ętit~

We love hearing from our readers! Contact us by leaving a comment on any post or reach us by email at lecocopeanut@gmail.com 

Papaya Crumpet

The blog's layout designer and photographer of many of the crumpet's gatherings. I enjoy making gourmet from natural ingredients: that is, nothing that messes with mother nature. The nickname "Papaya" was given by my peers back in middle school, and I stuck with it ever since. 

"God lives in the details." 

Coconut Crumpet

I am one of the two Rachels writing on this blog, specifically the one that's a little girly-er, more organized and likes coconuts. A self-proclaimed dessertatarian and health-nut, I love sweets and firmly believe breakfast is the not only the most important but the best meal of the day.  To balance out my love for sugar, I am known to 'Rachel-ify' my cooking to make it as guiltless as possible by using wholesome ingredients. "Everything in moderation" is key! In addition, I'm also a fruit monster and can eat excessive amounts of fruit when no one is watching. I was raised in a Christian home, and am proud of my Chinese family. I'm known to be an early riser and an early sleeper. My favourite colour is pastel purple and my mood is heavily influenced by the weather. When I see anything Winnie the Pooh or Piglet, I turn into a kid all over again. A city with ample greenery is my ideal habitat; that's why I love my home city. When I'm not stuffing myself with food or baking up a cake, you may find me scrapbooking, exercising, fangirling over Lee Hongki, or staring at a blank wall with my best friend. In the future, my aim is to become a registered dietician and a certified culinary nutritionist to encourage others to enjoy and appreciate healthy lifestyles. Please continue to love and support the Crumpet blog~

I am the other Rachel-- the veganista! I believe natural, simple ingredients taken directly from mother nature are what human beings are meant to eat and receive our energy from. All of that nasty  man-made chemicals only does injustice for our bodies. How do we break down those chemically-formulated foods? I love the planet and all earthlings living on this earth. We are united and equal, and I find nourishment when I know what I'm putting in my body is free of any cruelty and factory farming practices. I’m a hugeee sucker for sweets, so you may find more sweet recipes than savoury ones from me :) Sweets that you can have for breakfast?!?! Count me in! I really don't have a favourite food because all foods are so unique and tasty in their own ways; however, I do have a soft spot for cacao and summer fruits! I love to do things that gets me moving and outdoors: picnics, running, camping, hiking, biking... and making vegan food ;) Ahh, nature is life. I hope to become a holistic nutritionist as well as a vegan chef in the future, and I hope I can inspire others to reduce their consumption of animals and animal products to make the earth more sustainable and happy for all earthlings. 


  1. This is the first time I've gone through an entire blog in my life. You Crumpets are amazing and I hope to see blogs in the future - I love it!

    1. Thank you Dave! This really means a lot to us :)
      -Peanut Crumpet