Sunday, 5 January 2014

Kimbap Cheonguk: New Menu!

It's been a while since I've last eaten at 'Kimbap Heaven'. This 'four colours' Korean restaurant has become a favourite in my family. My mom and brother went recently and mentioned they had new items on their menu so I was curious and eager to try it myself. 

Kimbap Cheonguk's new menu (as of January 2014)

New items on the menu include Stone Pot Rice with Pork, Potato and Pork Bone Soup Hot Pot, and Ddukbokki with Chicken and Cheese. All of which sound pretty appealing to me~

Back: Al Bap ($7.99), Front: Stone Pot Rice with Pork ($8.99)

The Al Bap is by far my favourite dish to order at this cozy little restaurant. You can read my love rants (yes there is more than one!) for this bowl of rice in my other posts here and here. It may sound like I'm exaggerating, but no seriously, this Al Bap is perfection. I ate more than half of that rice. There goes my Saturday morning exercise...

On this particular visit with my father and brother, we ordered three rice dishes (the roll of kimbap with crispy seaweed was already devoured well before these two dishes arrived). One of which was their new Stone Pot Rice with Pork. Like the Al Bap, this rice dish is served in a smoking hot stone bowl that actually crisps the rice touching the side. I always wait a few moments (because I'm impatient and can't wait minutes) to give the rice some time to form a 'cake' on the bottom. That's the whole point of cooking it in a hot pot; that crispy rice is my favourite part! The toppings of bean sprouts, sliced pork, and seaweed are smothered in a spicy sauce. They even provide you with an extra bottle of sauce in case you are really in the mood for something fiery. However, I don't think extra seasonings were necessary at all. This dish is quite oily, and it can evidently be seen when comparing the cleared stone pots of the Al Bap and this one; the pork one has a lot more oil. While the new pork rice packs a bigger punch of flavour, I still prefer the more unique flavours of the less-greasy Al Bap. But if you're a spicy food lover like my brother, the Stone Pot Rice with Pork may be more up your alley.

If it isn't obvious yet, I really love Kimbap Cheonguk. It's a family run business (as told by my Korean friend) and the staff are efficient and friendly. The main male cook in the kitchen gives each customer a loud and friendly greeting as they enter or leave the restaurant. The restaurant seems to be doing pretty well, considering they reprinted their menus and are able to offer their customers more choices. Many non-Koreans are beginning to dine here as well! As for the seating, there aren't many tables so come a little earlier or a little later to avoid waits. But even then, the waits are never long because food is served up really fast. 

As an important note, they only take cash or debit card.

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  1. This looks simply delicious; I love a good Korean!

  2. I went today after seeing your review. Had the Al Bap and the Pork Stone Pot Rice. Both were delicious. I am curious though as to how to drink the teapot of soup??

    1. I'd say with your mouth, but then i could be wrong

  3. Hi, may i know where is the location? As you didn't mention in your blog. TQ