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My Greek Taverna

Recommended by a close family friend a few years ago, My Greek Taverna has been my family's 'special occasion' restaurant for a while now. They are known for quality and quantity Greek food. Come hungry, and leave with enough leftovers for your next meal.

My Greek Taverna is open for lunch from Monday to Friday and open for dinner every day of the week. The only difference in menu is that at dinner the plates are larger (as if one needs any more food...) and there are some large platters for big groups. The food is equally as good during both times of day. It is rare that my whole family can dine at My Greek on a weekday so we took the opportunity to have lunch there!

Kalamari Lunch ($10.95)
I ordered the calamari (they seem to spell it with a K) lunch plate which includes a pile of bouncy fried squid, a side of Greek salad, a hefty amount of seasoned rice, half a marinated potato and some tzatziki sauce. The calamari here is very good; the batter is thin and evenly coats the squid, there is a mix of tentacles and rings, and the squid is very tender and moist.
I love eating it smothered in tzatziki. Highly recommend! I just wish the tzatziki had more cucumber; it seems to be just thick yogurt and dill. At dinner, there is a calamari appetizer which is the same plate, but completely full of perfectly fried calamari. My family of four often shares that during dinner.

The rice and potato are my mom's favourite part of the plate. The rice is the round and plump kind, not the jasmine rice we eat at home. It is already seasoned and flavoured and there are a few bits of onion, bell pepper, and celery here and there. The potato is marinated in lemon juice, olive oil, and herbs before being baked. The flavours really soak in making the skinless potato very decadent. Just note that both these carby sides are quite oily.

The Greek salad here is made up of chopped tomatoes, cucumber, bell pepper, raw red onion, olives (with pits!), and shredded feta cheese. Didn't know feta could be shredded... It's an fresh taste that helps to balance the greasiness of all the other components. I could do with less cheese though. Oh, and be warned that the raw onion taste really lingers in your mouth hours after the meal. Bring some mints ;)

Roast Lamb Lunch ($11.95)
The roast lamb is a family favourite and we order it every time. Well, my dad usually orders it and we all take a portion. Don't worry, this massive lamb rack is no doubt big enough to share. It is incredibly tender and juicy, and it falls off the bone with barely any effort! My favourite way to enjoy the lamb is stuffing it inside some pita bread (photo at the end) with tzatziki. Yum~ The roast lamb is a must order!

Moussaka Lunch ($10.95)
I would describe the moussaka as a Greek lasagna. Layers of eggplant, zucchini, ground beef, and cheese sit atop sliced potatoes. It all melts in your mouth and is almost a meal on its own! The moussaka is really quite tasty and would work great as something 'new and different' to try. The size may not look like much at first, but keep in mind there is plenty of rice and more potatoes to fill the stomach.
Beef Souvlaki Lunch ($10.95)
My brother is the one who usually orders some type of souvlaki. Today he chose the Beef Souvlaki. While the beef is grilled to medium, with just a tinge of pink in the middle, I can't say it was fabulous. It was good, just not ah-may-zing. The beef wasn't super tender and I didn't think much about it.

Pita Bread for the table
Pita bread accompanies many of the plates on the menu, whether it be on the lunch or dinner menu. The whole table's portion is served on a single plate, maybe two if the group is large. The pita is soft and warm with some garlic and cheese flavour to it. My dad and brother are the ones that eat most of it. A bit oily, but nevertheless delicious and perfect to stuff the meat entrees in.

Service here is on the slow side. There aren't that many waitresses and they often are busy taking care of several tables. Even on a Friday afternoon, with only half the restaurant filled, we had to wait a while to be served. The waitresses are friendly and willing to help. They'll also very occasionally come around to ask how the food is, if they have a free moment. 

My family are returning customers to My Greek Taverna. There aren't that many good dining options in the Tri-Cities, so having one good Greek restaurant makes quite the difference. I would recommend coming to My Greek Taverna for lunch if at all possible since the food is the same and there is usually no wait. During dinner times, reservations are highly recommended, or waits may be up at an hour long. The food is tasty and there is always enough to go around. My Greek Taverna offers food that gives my taste buds a break from the Asian or typical American, yay!

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