Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Creekside Coffee Factory

Needing some catch-up time with two childhood church friends, we met up at Creekside Coffee Factory for a cup of early morning caffeine.

I've been aware of this cafe's existence for a very long time; the cafe with the giant Costco stuffed bear that is usually filled with Korean people (many of my Korean friends mention that their mom's chat with other ahjummas here, totally something my mother would do too). Oh, and its directly across from Sushi Town. If my friend hadn't suggested Creekside Coffee, it may have been a much longer time before I discovered its awesome-ness. (Oh no, here comes Peanut-Crumpet-influenced vocabulary..)

Some of the items for sale
The cafe is fairly busy on a Saturday morning at 10am. And to my surprise, filled with mostly Caucasian folks; I guess they know where to find quality coffee~ There are a handful of small tables and most of the customers were sipping on a hot beverage while splitting a giant scone with someone. Those massive scones are very reminiscent of the well-loved scones from Purebread, which I raaaaaaved about. At Creekside, one scone costs only $2.35! I must try one for myself next time. There are also seasonal(ish) baked goodies to pair with your drink or some simple sandwiches for a heftier meal.

Green Tea Latte, (unknown coffee dirnk), Coconut Chai London Fog
The Coconut Chai London Fog ($3.89) written on the 'special drinks' chalkboard caught my eye; I've been really into chai lately and adding coconut to it can only get better. A London fog drink is half a cup of strongly brewed tea plus half a cup of frothy milk. The coconut chai teabag is used in this particular one. I was lucky enough to score the last one they had! 

This drink did not disappoint; warm spices and a hint of sweetness from the coconut, in addition to the creamy milk was very enjoyable on a chilly November morning. This tea-based drink is a nice alternative for those that don't really like coffee. The serving is large and the mug keeps the drink hot for quite a long period of time. Even an hour later, my drink was still warm.

Sorry I can't comment on the other two drinks, but they were both presented beautifully!

Quoting my friend, "Starbucks is too mainstream". With prices that are essentially the same as Starbucks, I would recommend Creekside Coffee Factory over Starbucks any day. Yes, they don't have them red Christmas cups (which I admittedly will purchase from Starbucks each year to hold one), but their drinks are definitely of a higher quality and not laden with sugary flavoured syrups. I should try their Pumpkin Spice Latte next time to make a comparison to Starbucks, as I was quite disappointed by the 10 year-old famous PSL. Why no pumpkin flavour? D: 

Creekside Coffee Factory is a fantastic place to grab a hot drink to-go or sit down for long periods of time for chatting. The atmosphere is very cozy and warm, and the drinks are delicious. I can definitely see myself meeting up with friends here in the colder months (and Ninja Bubble Tea in the summer...?).

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Love from Coconut Crumpet's Corner ♡

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