Tuesday, 24 December 2013

This Little Piggy Mobile Catering

This Little Piggy food truck
Every other Sunday, a farmer's market is held at the Port Moody Rec Centre. On one visit to the market, This Little Piggy was serving up pancakes. Needing a lunch after church and knowing my weakness for pancakes, I ordered one for my meal. I don't want to be to harsh, but their food does not match up to their prices whatsoever.

Pancakes with Apple Sauce ($5), The Original piggy ($8)
I ordered their market special, which was pancakes with apple sauce. Upon ordering, they were actually unsure if they still had any pancakes left to sell. But evidently, they managed to whip up some for me. These pancakes were nothing to write home about; flat, small, not fluffy. Even the compote didn't have any wow factor. This was beyond disappointing, my homemade pancakes are a billion times better. Strangely enough, the little dollop of berry jam (I don't remember what type of berry it was. Some like a blackberry but slightly harder and chewier) was the highlight of this plate. Condiments like syrup, honey, and an assortment of jams were provided by the truck. I enjoyed the jam most (sad huh?).

My brother ordered one of their pulled pork sandwiches for his lunch. This was also a disappointment. The bun was hard, the pork was dry, and we could've used more coleslaw. The chips on the side are rather random and doesn't accompany the sandwich very well. Eight dollars is a lot of money for this measly sandwich. 

It was a really chilly day that Sunday afternoon so the food got cold really quickly, which I acknowledge would affect the quality of the food. 

Isn't my baby sugar pumpkin in the back adorable? You've probably seen him in a few other posts already. He was only $1!

I believe This Little Piggy was one of the first food trucks in Coquitlam. Unfortunately, their overpriced food did not impress me at all. I actually felt like I had wasted $13 of my money after this meal. I would not recommend this food truck to anyone nor will I be a returning customer.

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Love from Coconut Crumpet's Corner ♡

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