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Chad's West Coast Bar & Grill

Needing to grab a few groceries from Costco, we decided to give Chad's a try. My mom had visited with her friends for a breakfast not too long ago and commented that it was reasonably good. She also had a $10 off $30 coupon to use, making it the perfect opportunity to dine at Chad's.

The restaurant was quiet for a sunny Sunday afternoon; there was less than 10 tables of people when we stepped in at noon. We were asked whether we would like breakfast or lunch menus, "Both please!" The elderly man that seated us joked about how before 12pm they called it breakfast while after 12 they called it brunch.

It took a while for my ambivalent family to decide what they wanted to eat. Mainly because the menu was limited. Especially the lunch menu. The breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus combined would be the size of The Coquitlam Grill's breakfast menu. While we considered each and every option, our waitress took our drink orders and brought them to us. My mom was going to ask about the coupon but the waitress kind of cut her off and went to retrieve our drinks instead. When she came back, she offered to help with our decision making, which was professional of her. She mentioned many items that were not listed on the menu, such as french onion soup, barely soup, cream of broccoli soup etc. It would be helpful if there was some sort of 'today's special' menu so that diners know all their options. My mom tried to ask about the coupon again because we had a digital photo of the newspaper ad and not a physical copy. Our waitress asked if she could bring the phone to Chad (the owner) and ask if he will still accept it. Even though we gave her permission to take my mom's phone away with her, it was rather unnecessary(?) Afterwards, two servers simultaneously stressed the point that that they would agree to "make an exception this time" but not "next time". It wasn't a huge deal, but it was a bit overwhelming to have two people speaking very loudly to us at the same time. 

Let's talk food now!

Vegetarian Eggs Benedict ($10)
I'm totally a breakfast person so I went with an order of Vegetarian Eggs Benedict. The plating is elegant and inviting. The eggs were poached medium, still runny on the inside~ The combination of  too much hollandaise sauce and watery tomatoes made the English muffin soggy and tough. Next time I will ask for the sauce on the side. It wasn't a terribly eggs benny but it didn't blow my mind either. The breakfast potatoes were amazing though! Okay, I know it's very likely they are previously frozen but they were super crunchy; I couldn't help but engulf them all. My mom kept stealing a bite every now and then too. After consuming the entire plate, I felt full for the next six hours. Ooph..

S-S-S-Smokin' Southwest Chucky Burger ($12.50)
My dad ordered the S-S-S-Smokin' Southwest Chucky. My mom thought the presentation was impressive, the skyscraper burger and the cute bamboo pick; the small details do matter! My dad said the patty was "plenty lean", his tactful way of saying the patty isn't fatty enough (haha, that rhymes!)

Breakfast Tacos ($10)
The brother decided on the Breakfast Tacos, three toasted tortillas filled with scrambled eggs and pulled pork. I'm glad the tortillas were warmed through, and not completely crunchy (as I prefer soft tortillas). I took a bite of the pulled pork and it was much to sweet for me to want anymore. Nevertheless, the growing boy ate it all.

Sandwich and Salad Lunch Special ($11)
Even though the menu states that the lunch combos are only served from Monday to Friday, they actually allow it every day of the week. So my mom gleefully chose half a Turkey Avocado Club and half a side of Mediterranean Quinoa Salad. Impressed by the quality and quantity of both dishes, she thoroughly enjoyed her meal. The turkey burger was generously packed with thick-cut turkey, avocado, crisp vegetables, and a slice of bacon. Her only complaint was that regular sandwich bread would have worked better than the kaiser bun. She loved the balsamic dressed quinoa salad; it had lots of fresh vegetables and a hefty portion of quinoa underneath. This combination makes for a very filling lunch. 

Our waitress came with our bill before we asked for it, indicating that it was brought not to rush us but purely because she would be off work soon. That's fine with us. Her service to us was relatively good throughout, but at times I felt like her pace was hurried for no reason. Perhaps it's her efficient 'get-it-done' personality. With the bill came a $10 coupon that could be used for any purchase, even under $30.

Chad's is open for breakfast everyday starting at 7am, and although there are only a handful of breakfast entrees, all of them are enticing. Especially with the $10 off any purchase, it is a really good deal. I will definitely consider coming back for breakfast, and potentially lunch, but not so much dinner as the menu doesn't provide many options and the prices are pretty high.

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Love from Coconut Crumpet's Corner ♡

Full menus after the jump!

Chad's West Coast Bar & Grill breakfast menu
Chad's West Coast Bar & Grill lunch menu
Chad's West Coast Grill & Bar dinner menu

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