Sunday, 21 April 2013

Raw Flax Almond Spread!

I got this idea from the tempting Nut N' Budder jars at Superstore.

pro budder

They have two kinds:
1.) Nut N' Budder (made with peanuts + flaxseed oil)
2.) Almond Budder Extreme (almonds + flaxseed oil)
But because they only sell roasted varieties and the prices aren't dainty, I decided to make my own Almond Budder Extreme (with my own twist of course ;) )

I call it... the Raw Flax Almond Spread

easter 035

It has this amazing smoky flavour to it from the flax seeds and just a tint of sweetness.

Here are the rawmazing ingredients in a nutshell:
2 cups almonds, raw
1/4 cup flax seeds, ground
1 tsp. Hemp oil (optional)
4 tbsp.  shredded coconut, unsweetened
3 tbsp. agave

As always, throw everything in a give it a whirl in your food processor!
...well, actually, many whirls :P (Raw nuts take longer to process, as their aromatic oils have not been released)
This below has already passed the "nut flour" phase, and starting to clump up into a ball.
Don't worry it will soon go into the next phase as the natural oils get released. :)

easter 025

This takes a lot of patience, but I still love making my own nut butters/spreads for many reasons:
1.) Ingredient quality control
2.) Won't break the bank
3.) Suits your taste buds
4.) Tastes different every time!

Let's see how the nutty goodness is doing, shall we?

easter 027

That's a bit better, but lookin' a bit rough there....
This is probably the time when your machine gets warm, so watch it carefully.
If you see any steaming or if it feels too warm, stop the machine and let it cool down for about 20 minutes until starting again. This ensures that your nuts n' seeds won't lose their precious enzymes, and ensures your motor won't overheat

I don't recommend using a Vitamix for this because there's not enough room for movement for the nuts to flow (nuts have to move too! :D )
easter 028

Almost there!

easter 034

Let's check if it's ready by poking a spatula in to see if the butter sticks to it! :D
easter 032
... and it sticks! Give yourself an applause, your nut butter is complete!

easter 036

I decided to be civilized and put the finished product into my glass jar instead of stuffing it in my face ;)
... but that's probably because I was "too lazy" to scrape the food processor clean, which means...
i got to use Fred to lick the remainders off of the processor :D

So.... you drooling yet??
easter 037
This looks pretty professional, doesn't it?
easter 039

well, the jar label is a liar; just ignore the outside and plunge inside! After all, it's the inside that matters right? ;)

With Lots of Nuts,
Peanut Crumpet xo

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