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Cake-Ya Bakery

Japanese Cheesecake from Cake-Ya Bakery
Port Moody is small. Very small. Nevertheless, there are gems hidden in the most random spots of the tri-cities. This Japanese bakery being one of them. Finding Japanese-owned establishments isn't very common in Vancouver. I want to say the most saturated area of these Japanese businesses are located in the heart of Downtown. Cake-Ya is part of an old building on a quiet backstreet parallel to St. John's Street in Port Moody.

This post reviews several items I've tasted from various visits. I have had a good experience with the majority of their food. There are still many more goods I have yet to try. 

The picture above is of their cheesecake. Japanese cheesecake is completely different from the traditional New York cheesecake. I shall describe it as the child produced from a perfect marriage between the New York cheesecake and a chiffon cake. Light and fluffy in texture but with a definite cheese-y taste. Years ago, when I tried a Japanese cheesecake for the first time, I was deeply disappointed to the lack of cheese. Probably due to the fact it was from T&T Supermarket and they totally skimped out on the cream cheese. I mean, if you're going to eat a dessert, it should be heavy and satisfy your craving for dessert. Due to this preference of mine, I decided I liked New York cheesecake more. Cake-Ya's Japanese cheesecake is made with true ingredients and is delicious enough to change me from disliking Japanese cheesecake to dreaming about it.

8" Chestnut Cake from Cake-Ya Bakery
It is true your taste buds change as you grow older. I remember absolutely detest the chestnut puree on cakes from Chinese bakeries. Now I am obsessed with it. Peanut Crumpet advertised this cake to me and I immediately made up my mind that it would be my birthday cake. Evidently seen by the photo above, Cake-Ya's chestnut cake is covered in a generous layer of chestnut puree. A dream come true for chestnut lovers, such as I. The cake itself is a tad bit heavier than Chinese bakery chiffon cakes, but still very soft and spongey. My mom commented that she felt the chestnut paste was not purely chestnut, but I argue that it tastes just right. If you love chestnut, this cake must be put on your foodie bucket list. This eight inch whole cake was $27 + tax and must be ordered in advance. Usually they sell it in the same small rectangular size as the cheesecake.

Sweets and Treats from Cake-Ya Bakery
As a tip, if you purchase 6 items or more, there is no GST. On my most recent visit to Cake-Ya, I picked up a few goodies for dessert. My brain keeps telling me I still need dessert even on a bloated stomach of ramen.

Sakura Mochi from Cake-Ya
The little pink riceball covered with a leaf is their Sakura Mochi. According to the little sign inside the display, only 500 of them were made and this special edition is only sold on the weekends. I believe it is for the cherry blossom celebrations taking place at this time of year. The little grains of rice are still prominent, and the fact that it's light pink makes it look so fun! Inside is a coarse red bean filling and wrapped around it is a sakura (cherry blossom) leaf. The rice has a salty taste that helps bring out the light sweetness of this mochi. The leaf is edible too! However, I'm not too fond of the flavour; it just doesn't register well in my brain. If you're adventurous and like to try new things, or want to partake in Japanese culture, by all means, give it a taste. It's the reason I bought it too. But if you're looking for a real good eat, this probably won't do it for you. 

Cream Caramel
My first encounter with these caramel custard cups was about a year ago when my best friend brought some over to my house during a family dinner. The photo above shows the black sesame and green tea flavours. I have also tried their original. The original is nothing to rave about but it is still smooth and creamy like all the other flavours of custards. 

I was eager to get my hands on the black sesame flavour. My hopes weren't very high for a 4pm visit on a Sunday, but the lady said they had still had some in the back. I guess they don't constantly re-stock their display fridge. So tip #2, even if you don't see it in the display, ask if they have the item in the kitchen storage. The black sesame taste is there, not overpowering, but there. A pretty good choice if you're unsure of which flavour to eat.

The next flavour I bought this trip was the green tea one. I don't remember if they labeled it as 'green tea' or 'matcha', but if it's matcha, they hit the target right on! I really enjoyed the matcha flavour of this cream caramel. It's strong and aromatic but not overly sweet. Would be a solid choice of cream caramel to eat. This is one of my favourites!

I noticed at the bottom of the sticker the cream caramels are made in Coquitlam by another company. They are also sold at other Japanese retail so I believe Cake-Ya also imports them as well. Not made in house, but still fresh and delicious!

Strawberry Daifuku from Cake-Ya Bakery
I was ecstatic to discover they still had one strawberry daifuku left as I've heard Peanut Crumpet rave about them. A simple treat, yet can bring so much joy, haha! Ichigo (strawberry) daifuku is not always available as they must wait for fresh strawberries to be sold in stores. The red bean paste inside is the coarse type, which being a person who loves chewy things, just makes this mochi that much better. The mochi itself is very soft and chewy, well made. Overall, it is not an overly sweet confection. Good for those with an 'Asian' sweet tooth.

If you are in the vicinity, or are willing to make the long drive into this tiny town of ours, drop by Cake-Ya to satisfy your sweet tooth! 

Cake-Ya's website with pricing, photos, and more information

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Love from Coconut Crumpet's Corner ♡ 

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