Monday, 5 August 2013

COWS Ice Cream

Visiting COWS has become a tradition for my family when in Whistler. I've grown up looking forward to eating COWS Ice Cream on every trip since elementary school. The smell of freshly made waffle cones travel out the doors making it impossible for anyone passing by to resist going in.

COWS Ice Cream

Line ups can get insanely long in the late afternoon and at 9pm during the summer months. When we went on a Friday night at 9:30pm, the line up still curved out the door past Bessie the cow. Everybody in line seems to have no problem with waiting half an hour for ice cream because we're all tourists and are trying to kill time anyways. Look at the punny cow jokes written on t-shirts, postcards, and other souvenirs or admire their collection of every cow related item possible to amuse yourself as you make you way closer to the counter.

COWS Flavours and Pricing

The prices for ice cream in Whistler are pretty high, be prepared to pay at least $5.50 for two scoops of ice cream. COWS is no different. Scoops are decently sized here but the quality seems to have declined. I'm not sure if it's because as a kid any ice cream tastes good, or if the company has actually changed the quality. They claim to have the creamiest ice cream because of the 16% milk fat milk used. I guess they didn't use enough of that fatty milk because the ice cream wasn't as dreamy creamy as it should be.

PEI Strawberry Ice Cream & Moo York Cheesecake Ice Cream

My family wasn't really in the mood to have a ton of ice cream after eating a hearty barbeque dinner. We got a two scoop cone to share. Since COWS originated from Prince Edward Island, I figured the PEI Strawberry flavour would be pretty good. However it was rather disappointing as it tasted like a standard strawberry ice cream purchased from the grocery store. No chunks of fresh strawberry or anything exciting like that. 

The bottom scoop was the Moo York Cheesecake. Cheesecake is a common flavour that can be hit or miss. It's a miss here. There was only the faintest hint of cream cheese that could only be tasted if you really pay attention. Even a supposedly rich flavour like cheesecake wasn't that rich at all. As mentioned earlier, the base of the ice cream is not creamy enough.

The waffle cone everyone continuously inhales while standing in line is very tasty. However, I don't remember the cone being so thick. Maybe it's just to give more strength to the cone so it doesn't crack as the ice cream melts inside. COWS' freshly made waffle cones are great!

The verdict? I'll come for the sake of tradition, even if I have had better ice cream at Bella Gelateria. The waffle cones are worth standing in line to smell too. (It must be a business tactic to lure customers in) The ice cream is better than the Lucia Gelato sold at Hatley's nearby and cheaper than La Bocca Gelato, but it's still not jaw-droppingly amazing. The quality seems to have gotten worse but since there aren't that many places to get ice cream in Whistler, COWS is still one of the best choices. COWS is open from 10 to 10 everyday. Doors will close and cut the line up promptly at 10pm.

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