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Purebread Whistler Village storefront
My motivation for getting up every morning is breakfast. Having Purebread just a block away from my stay in Whistler (close to the IGA entrance to the village) gives me something very exciting to look forward to at the beginning of the day. Just another reason to add to my list of why I love Whistler.

Display of baked goods at Purebread Whistler Village
There is no difference between me walking into this bakery and a kid in a candy store. Zero. Nada. There are too many baked goods to even fit onto the display counter all at once. Scones, pies, cakes, loaves, brioche, cookies, brownies, and croissants are overflowing from behind the glass. Then there's the plethora of fresh loaves of bread sitting on shelves behind the cashier. It is a dessertatarian's heaven. 

Purebread Scones (and other goodies behind)
Their scones are some of their best sellers, be sure to get there early in the morning because they sell out by afternoon! My mission was to try all the [sweet] scone flavours, which I was very close to accomplishing, unfortunately for the calories I attempted to burn right before eating them... But it was all worth it. These scones are absolutely massive, a good four inch square of buttery, dense, crumbly, perfection of a scone. The scone itself is not very sweet at all, the sweetness of the whole scone solely depends on the drizzle of icing on top. And I think that level is perfect.

Lavender Eary Grey Scone & Lemon Basil Blueberry Scone (with Apricot Vanilla Bean Scone in the back)
Of the sweet ones I tried, which was all but double chocolate and buckwheat cherry, my favourite was the lavender earl grey. Both flavours come out beautifully. Second place would have to go to lemon basil blueberry; I have a new appreciation for basil with fruit, it's delicious! 

The other scones were not bad either. I liked how they used fresh ginger and fresh apricots in their scones instead of the dried and sweetened versions. It's more juicy and moist~ But not all the flavours could be tasted in each bite (like the vanilla bean), which is why they weren't my favourite. 

Purebread Savoury Scones and Breads
My mom, on the other hand, prefers a savoury pastry after an early morning yoga session (or at any time of day for that matter). On morning number one, we tried the feta, sundried tomato, and chive scone, and the next morning had the cheddar jalepeno scone. 

Feta, Sundried Tomato, & Chive Scone and Cheddar Jalepeno Scone

Of the two savoury scones we bought, our family agrees that the sundried tomato one is better. There is just slightly more going on, rather than just cheese between each layer (which is a really good aspect, might I mention!). 

Raspberry Cheesecake Brownie

It was love at first bite with my lavender scone, so I took every opportunity to buy something from Purebread. For an afternoon snack one day I bought a square of brownie with a layer of cheesecake on top. Sounding decadent? It was the moistest, heaviest, and richest brownie I've ever eaten. It took me to chocoholic heaven. I was just slightly disappointed by the fact that the cheesecake and raspberry part of the brownie couldn't really be tasted. But that's probably due to the how chocolate-y and rich tasting the brownie itself is. They also have several other assortments of brownies, which I assume will taste just as delicious if the base recipe is the same. Chocolate-lovers or anyone who needs to curb a sugar craving needs to try this. 

Nutella Brioche

On my last morning in Whistler, I made sure to not only get myself some breakfast from Purebread but to bring some back home too. I made the Nutella brioche my breakfast and it was the most indulgent breakfast I've ever had. Purebread has a lot of brioche products, in tart shapes, cinnamon roll shapes, or bun shaped, so I hoped it would be good. My expectations were met (if not surpassed) by this nutella brioche. Fluffy brioche bread wrapped around crunchy roasted almonds all smothered in plenty of Nutella. It's been ages since I've had Nutella *gasp* and this sticky and messy-to-eat brioche breakfast was the perfect way to end that multi-year-long Nutella fast. 

I have no complaints about Purebread, only endless praise and drool for their baked goods. Their prices are very reasonable, individual servings under $5 each, and the portions are huuuuuuuuge! Vegans will find good food here too! Prepare to make many difficult decisions in this Whistler-based bakery. But once you've pinpointed one (or multiple ones) that tickle your fancy, grab a drink from the other counter and enjoy them at one of their tables outside in the summer, or inside at a counter seat in the winter. Purebread is officially on my must-do-everytime-I-visit-Whistler list. There are still tons of items I want to try, so I will have to slowly accomplish that each time I go to Whistler. I dream about their scones until then. Purebread is, hands down, one of the best bakeries ever.

Their new location in the Whistler Village is very convenient for most people. The original location is at Function Junction a bit before Whistler on the Sea-to-Sky highway if traveling north. Purebread is also at select Vancouver farmer's markets, making it slightly more accessible for Vancouverites. I highly recommend everyone to give their products a try, you'll have no regrets (except for the fact you will have to spend more money to buy food....teehee!)

If the photos above aren't convincing enough, I shall end this post with a few more looks into the little bakery:
Inside of Purebread

More drool-worthy baked goods
Loaves of Specialty Bread and Beverage Station

Purebread on Urbanspoon

Love from Coconut Crumpet's Corner ♡

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