Monday, 5 August 2013

Hatley Gelato Scoops

On past vacations to Whistler, my family would only get ice cream from COWS Ice Cream, sometimes even twice in a day. But after seeing the small vendor stand for the Whistler-made Lucia Gelato earlier in the day at the Sunday Farmer's Market, we wanted to give the local gelato a try. Hatley's Gelato Scoops is one place Lucia Gelato can be found.
At 9:30pm, my family decided to go out for a stroll before jumping into bed. Suddenly mom said she was in the mood to have ice cream so we dropped by Hatley's to get some. Even though the store opening hours stated they closed at 9pm on Sundays, the doors were still wide open and employees didn't look like they were cleaning up anytime soon so we walked in.

Lucia Gelato at Hatley Gelato Scoops

There wasn't any of the cool flavours from the Farmer's Market like panna cotta or coconut cookie dough. Instead, mom chose Strawberry Guava and Pineapple Coconut Peach, both were sorbets. Most of the available flavours were fruit based sorbets and there were a few richer flavours like peanut butter, mocha, and chocolate. The pistachio was completely sold out, too bad...

Strawberry Guava and Pineapple Coconut Peach Sorbet

The Strawberry Guava was the better flavour of the two. The texture was smoother and both fruits could be tasted in each bite. Guava being the stronger flavour. The Pineapple Coconut Peach was more icy. Peach was the dominating flavour in this scoop. Next was the pineapple and the coconut was like non-existent.

This two scoop medium cup of sorbet cost $5.50, which is a very normal price for ice cream in Whistler. However I don't really like sorbet as it tastes like a popsicle than ice cream. Even though COWS doesn't serve the most amazing ice cream on earth, I'd rather use my $5.50 at COWS Ice Cream than at Hatley. 

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