Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Denny's: "Fourth of July" Breakfast

Bright and early on a Saturday morning, my family drove down south to take my aunt shopping at the Seattle Outlets. There are not very many restaurants open at 6am for breakfast; Denny's is open 24 hours. Coming here for breakfast is the first stop on my family's seasonal trip to the states, and this time was no exception.

Denny's Bellingham
We usually order from the 2-4-6-8 dollar menu; basic pancake and eggs  breakfast is only $4 and with toast and drinks is $6. However on this past visit, the new menu was patriotically themed for the upcoming Independence Day. Since the prices were not too expensive, we gave it a try.

Red, White, and Blue Pancakes & Apple Pie French Toast

Both breakfasts came with two eggs, shredded hashbrowns, and a choice of meat (bacon or sausage). Coffee is not included.

On the left is the pancakes my mom shared with my aunt and my dad shared with me. Pretty much all plates served at Denny's is can feed at least two people. The red came from strawberries, white from whipped cream and icing, and blue from the blueberries incorporated into the pancakes. They're all concentrated in the center of the pancake, which is not the most convenient when you want a bit of everything in each bite. Thankfully they didn't skimp out on giving you blueberries. For some reason, I thought the pancake base wasn't as fluffy as their plain pancakes. Besides that, these were acceptable and worth the $7 for the set.

My brother had the whole Apple Pie French Toast to himself. It was about the same price as the pancakes. The french toast is topped with cooked apples, strudel, and caramel sauce. Uhhh...can someone say carb (more specifically glucose) overload? I took one bite of this and thought it was way. to. sweet. And that's coming from a person who can eat three plates of dessert. Also, the sauce soaks into the bread and makes it soggy after a while. French toast without the crunchy outside is no good to me. As you can see, I didn't like this one. But of course, my brother cleared it anyways.

At the Bellingham location right next to Bellis Fair mall, the service is has been pretty good. But I can only speak for the waitresses that work in the morning hours at around 7am when it isn't too busy. Very patient, friendly, and cheerful, even during the early hours. Coffee is filled constantly, cream is brought even before we ask, and they come and check up on you every now and then. When I remember, I usually am able to find a 20% off coupon on the internet. But even without the coupon, the total cost is very low. The portions here are "truly American", as my aunt said. That allows us to feed 5 people for under $30, becausee we only needed to order 3 plates. This is why my family has adjusted our road trip schedule to have breakfast at Denny's instead of the Burger King next door. We pay $20 for 4 people either way. Might as well be at a sit down restaurant with real plates and cutlery instead of a deserted fast food establishment.

Being a health nut, I have a thing against chain restaurants. But I have to put that snobbishness of mine aside when I'm traveling in the states. Calorie counting and portion control is non-existent; my family burns it off with a 10 hours worth of shopping. Yes, my father and brother are extremely well trained when it comes to waiting for women to finish shopping. I know Denny's is a very popular breakfast spot for us Canadians traveling down the states. My family will continue making this our default breakfast stop during our road trips. 

Love from Coconut Crumpet's Corner ♡

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