Saturday, 20 July 2013

Miga Korean Food: The Snack Edition

Miga Korean Food Kimbap & Accompaniments
A quick additional update on Miga Korean Food at the food court in Henderson Shopping Centre in Coquitlam. Please see my first review for other food items, my opinion, and their menu.

I was feeling lethargic after a long driving lesson and my mom suggested we get a snack before continuing our grocery shopping. She took me to the food court to find something to eat. Dinner was only a few hours away so I didn't want to stuff myself full with a gigantic serving of noodles. For some reason, I really love eating kimbap. It may be the simplicity of the food or the well balanced food groups, but it something I often crave. 

Since kimbap doesn't need to be cooked and all the ingredients are ready to go, I got my order immediately after paying. Once the lady receives your money she will go to wrap your roll. A broth with bits of radish and fish cake, a small serving of pickled radish, and a cup of tea comes with all orders. All of this is enough for a meal! 

The kimbap was filled with julienned carrots, picked cabbage, cooked spinach, tomago egg, picked radish, and ham (or spam). They really do not skimp on their ingredients to ensure you get a round and fat roll. Each roll is cut up into ten pieces, different from the usual eight at sushi restaurants. 

Kimbap ($3.75) stuffed with ingredients
The kimbap at here is more expensive than Kimbap Cheonguk and the seaweed isn't crunchy, but the plentiful stuffing makes up for it. No need to tip either! I will be sure to come back to Miga Korean Food to try more of their student-budget-friendly food as I have had a good experience both times!

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