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Twisted Fork Bistro

Twisted Fork Bistro on Granville Street

While vising my aunt in Downtown Vancouver, she took us on a private walking tour around Burrard and Davie street. As it was almost noon, it made sense to also find some place to eat lunch. Twisted Fork Bistro was a lot closer than I thought so I suggested to try their brunch. It's been on my wishlist for a looong time!
Currently, Twisted Fork Bistro serves brunch every day of the week instead of lunch. I have no complaints as breakfast is the best meal of the day. Since the restaurant doesn't take reservations and I hear there are often long line ups, I prepared my mind to wait a for food. However, there was no line up trailing out the door and we were seated within five minutes. I guess because it's a Monday and many business people are at work. The man that greeted us was very enthusiastic, smile-y, and chatty; I love it when people's personalities lightens the atmosphere. 

Brunch Menu

After being handed the menu and the waitress serving us drinks, we decided to share three dishes among four people. At first I wasn't sure if the servings were that large but let's just say I'm so glad we only ordered three. The menu isn't extremely vast but everything sounds really good! Most look like a very balanced meal with lots of wholesome foods like eggs and vegetables. The 'twisted fork' that decorates the clipboard is really cute too~ 

Seating and Wall of Canned Goods

If you're looking for a quick lunch, this is not the place to go. The food took a really long time to come. I didn't time exactly how long but even while chatting with my family and examining the interior, it felt like a long time. This isn't too big of a bad thing for me since I do appreciate having some time to really enjoy being at the restaurant.

We were seated at the very last table. There are roughly ten or so tables in the entire restaurant, which, in addition with the long wait for food, creates long wait times (if there is one). The restaurant has dim lighting, it was only bright when we were there due to the natural sunlight coming in from the opposite side of the restaurant. During dinner the dark lighting probably creates a 'expensive French restaurant' type feel.

The wall of canned goods is right outside the bathroom near our table. Some of the jams are sold for $8 a jar while others were labeled for restaurant use such as "for cheese platter" or "for scallops". It's very neat that they can their own ingredients!

Bacon Fritatta

When the food finally arrived, it arrived all at once. Heated plates of large portions.
The Bacon Fritatta would be a really big serving for one person. Even eating one quarter of it was satisfying enough for me. I don't usually eat bacon but luckily I couldn't taste much of it. This Italian omelet was packed with a variety of vegetables, very good! The side salad was very lightly tossed with a simple dressing that didn't overpower the flavours of the main dish. It was the perfect accompaniment to bring balance to the plate. For some reason I really enjoyed having the salad there.

Croque Monsieur

My mom and brother seemed to be really intrigued with the Croque Monsieur, which is a breakfast sandwich with cheese and ham. The ham inside was at least an inch thick! When eaten with a smear of the tomato sauce, it's like an upgraded version of a grilled cheese sandwich dipped in tomato soup. A very filling dish.

Banana Stuffed Brioche French Toast
I have heard rave reviews of their Banana Stuffed French Toast, but I can't say it was that amazing. There are a total of four of these banana brioche pieces so each of us ate one section. Maybe I ate it at the very end when it wasn't hot and fresh from the frying pan, but this french toast was very anticlimactic for me. The mountain of whipping cream melted into a puddle on the plate and made the bread soggy. Brioche french toast is supposed to be the best kind, fluffy on the inside and crisp on the outside, but this plate didn't showcase that at all. If I didn't physically see the banana between my bread, I probably wouldn't have even known it was there. The flavour of the banana wasn't prominent at all. Overall, there was nothing special about this dish. The thin slices of granny smith apple was nice though.

Daily Special Deals

Besides the french toast, I was completely happy with my first experience at Twisted Fork Bistro. The food is a really good value, quality food in large portions for really low prices. Three dishes that feel four people for just $40! Next time I want to try their dinner as the food on their dinner menu are very appealing as well. They also have a special deal on most days of the week. Twisted Fork Bistro does a good job of updating their menu on their website so take a lookie before making a visit!

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