Saturday, 21 September 2013

Cozy Cone Motel

Chicken Verde Cone ($6.99)
Needing to grab a quick dinner before the World Of Colour show began, I ran to Cozy Cone Motel (probably my 5th time in Cars Land that day) to get a chili cone. I wasn't quite sure which one of the two cones I wanted. The employee there asked if I liked spicy foods and I replied yes. She suggested the Chicken Verde Cone, which is like a green curry. I am very glad I got this one because it was unique and delicious. But warning: it gets increasingly spicy the more you eat it. The good type of spicy though. It's quite a large serving and works great as a dinner on the go. This size was just enough to fill me up to a comfortable level.

Chili Con Queso ($6.99)
I ended up getting the opportunity to try their other cone too because my brother decided he wanted one for his dinner too. This is the bread cone filled with a traditional beef chili. Not as spicy as the Chicken Verde but still had a kick. The shredded cheddar cheese on top melts and gets all gooey once mixed into the chili, yumyum~ There is also bits of crunchy corn chips to add some textural contrast.

Both the Chicken Verde and Beef Chili bread cones were delicious and cheap. These cones made for the perfect hand-held dinner while waiting for the World Of Colour show to begin. It's also from the adorable, new, looks-exactly-like-the-movie Cars Land, so you can't go wrong.

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