Saturday, 21 September 2013

Ghiradelli Soda Foundation and Chocolate Shop

Ghiradelli is a San Fransisco based chocolate company; they are the Lindt of America. My mom and I had our eyes set on dessert from Ghiradelli the second we walked past it while looking for lunch, which we later found at Flo's V8 Cafe.

Golden Gate Banana Split ($9.95)
Named after San Fransisco's iconic bridge, this luscious boat of ice cream and all the fixin's was heavenly. I surprised myself and liked the chocolate and strawberry ice cream most. The chocolate ice cream was rich and chocolately, not just sugary like that fake stuff sold in the aisles of the grocery store. Comparable to Bella Gelateria's chocolate gelato. I haven't had strawberry ice cream in ages, no exaggeration used, mainly because it usually tastes too fake and sugary. But this was totally different, there were chunks. of. fresh. strawberries. Ehmagawd. The crushed pineapple topping was an uncommon but delicious addition. I didn't care much for the bananas, as it wasn't very ripe. But the ice cream was gorgeous, beautiful, made in heaven. Three scoops for ten dollars isn't that bad when the quality is as phenomenal as this. Guys, this is the real deal. Oh, sorry for the melt-y looking sundae photo, we ran three minutes from Ghiradelli to Fiddler Fifer & Practical Cafe in the 30+ degree sun. There is only a handful of tables outside the ice cream parlour, which 1) isn't very pleasant to sit in the hot weather, 2) you may cry watching your delicious ice cream melt before your eyes, and 3) the tables are probably all full in the afternoon.

Mint Bliss Dark Chocolate Sundae ($8.95)
Since my mom's favourite ice cream is mint chocolate, that is the flavour of sundae she chose. Before I begin the rest of my ranting, this dark chocolate fudge. Oh. My. It was sinful, and so good. Dark chocolate has never been this amazing before and this sundae just took it to the next level. One scoop of chocolate ice cream, which was also in the sundae and I've mentioned that it is ah-may-zing, and one scoop of mint ice cream. The mint ice cream is okay, very creamy and smooth but I don't love mint ice cream as much as my mom. The mint ice cream (that isn't dyed green) from Coconut Bliss is probably just as good. The highlight of this sundae is the dark chocolate fudge. The cold ice cream turns this hot, liquidy chocolate sauce into chewy fudge. I felt naughty eating this stuff.

Although the prices at Ghiradelli inside California Adventure are a bit steep, it's well worth the splurge and the portion sizes are acceptable and can be easily shared with another person, or two if you're kindhearted. I will dream about these decadent ice cream treats. Did I mention you get a free square of chocolate each time you step into the store? Oh yes, we went in twice. Once to see the menu in the morning and once to actually purchase ice cream. We left the park with a total of eight squares of melted caramel-filled chocolate, whoot whoot!

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