Saturday, 21 September 2013

Flo's V8 Cafe

Since my last visit to California Adventure, many changes have happened in the park. The addition of Cars Land being one of them. I wanted to spend as much time as I could exploring parts of the park I had never been in before. After looking at several menus from the eateries around the park, we decided to try Flo's V8 Cafe.

Menu & Plastic food display at Flo's V8 Cafe

The menu, like many of the other counter services restaurants in the park, is very limited. Entrees here are around $12 and three orders can be shared between four somewhat-beginning-to-get-hungry people.

View of Radiator Springs Racers from inside Flo's V8 Cafe
We ordered just before noon when the rush of lunch visitors arrive. My dad got us a table facing the Radiator Springs Racers ride, which is a MUST GO at California Adventure. Not only is it a must go, it's a must get-up-at-6am-to-line-up-for-a-fastpass ride and a must go on more than once ride. Even a one hour wait time did not stop my impatient family from going on it a second time.

Roast Beef & Gravy ($11.49)

Roast Beef with sides of Baked Beans and Pasta Salad.The roast beef was tender but had a strings of fat or tendon, but that's expected from a normal-quality cut of beef. The baked beans were very ketchup-y and heavy in flavour. Pairing it with the soft dinner roll made it easier to eat. The pasta salad was creamy enough but lacked flavour.

Citrus Turkey Breast & Gravy ($11.49)
Citrus Turkey Breast with Roasted Corn Medley and Coleslaw. If the menu didn't say 'citrus', I would've never suspected it being an ingredient. Nevertheless, the turkey was moist and tender, there was plenty to go around. Here I am with my coleslaw fetish again. It's a pretty good coleslaw here. On the contrary, the corn tasted too charred and I'm not sure I enjoyed that.

Veggie Tater Bake ($10.49)

Veggie Tater Bake with Coleslaw side. It even looks lacking and disappointing. The description for this entree sounded much more interesting than it actually was (good marketing? hahahaha). Even though the taste was okay, I would almost hail this as a fail. The portion size and lack of distinction between the ingredients made this entree not worth $11 at all. Bad choice on my part, sorry mom! Instead of this we should've ordered the Citrus Turkey Salad. Would've been healthier and filled us up more.

Flo's Signature Apple Cheddar Pie-O-Rama ($5.19)

The Apple Cheddar Pie may have been the same size as the tater bake, but it was much more exciting and delicious. Served warm, this pie had a crust that was flaky and crispy and the filling was this perfect balance between sweet apples and savoury cheddar cheese. A quarter of this pie was sufficient to satisfy my sweet tooth at the end of the meal. Save room for this dessert, this is really good! They have a seasonal flavour and a chocolate one too.

Diner-style interior decor
Their rotisserie is good and makes a great lunch or dinner at the park. The pies are also worth trying. Avoid the tater bake and order a salad instead, it'll be a more balanced meal. Flo's is a fun place to dine and enjoy the view of Radiator Springs Racers, even at night because the lights make it look beautiful.

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